The last 100 days. Part 3

This is the hardest part of the journey. These are some of my favourite memories from the last month 🙂




Auckland City, as seen from the ferry across to Devonport


Massive May, week 1 !




The view from the 6th floor of my uni building


Massive May, week 2 !


The Last 100 days. Part 2

Here’s some of my favourite photos from last month as I’ve been counting down the last 100 days in Christchurch 🙂


zoe 🙂


easter chocolates from mum and dad


creative inspiration at the scrap yard !


late night mish in the rain with my boyfriend 🙂


shoe-hunting for my sister’s wedding


late night antics after church ! reuben’s attempt at a turban..


love this view. gonna miss it !


photoshoot fun 🙂

The Clarinet Badge #LifeScouts


I started playing clarinet when I was 11 at the Out Of School Music classes. My best mate Ally started playing the year after and she caught up with me pretty quick because I didn’t practice much. We both kept playing through highschool until we were 17. I haven’t played it since then ! During highschool we both ended up tutoring primary school kids, and we played in the Jazz Band for a few years too.

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The Piano Badge #LifeScouts


I first started playing piano when I was 8, and I remember being very excited about it ! But then I had to practice A LOT so the excitement quickly wore off. I’m not sure how long I played, maybe 3 years. I picked it up again when I was in highschool, but I didn’t really have time to practice then. I secretly wish I was awesome at it.. but in reality I can only play 1 song ! 😉

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The Etsy Shop

I made an Etsy account sometime last year but I forgot about it (gasp !) until recently ! As I have a wee few things that I made recently I thought I might just open a shop on Etsy and see how it goes.

So I did it ! Currently I only have 3 listings (and the photos are terrible seeing as I lack having a proper camera !) but maybe there’ll be some more soon 🙂

You can find my shop on Etsy here: the HopeFullyProject

Watch this space.. and enjoy the journey 😀