I’ve got lots of books lined up for the summer.. so I thought I’d have a go at writing about them as a bit of practice for all the writing about books etc. I’ll have to do at uni next year ! Also I want to get better at writing.. so hopefully this is useful 😀

Book #1.. Last week I read Joanna Spyri’s Heidi. I loved the adventure. I’d read it a few times when I was a child but it was never the original story, just someone else’s adaption of it. The real thing is so much better !

What I loved the most about this story was Heidi’s child-like faith and her honesty about it. When she first finds out she can talk to a God who will never forget about her, she is so excited and rushes off to her room to talk to him right away. Her deepest longing is to be back on the mountain with her grandfather, so that’s what she tells God about. She asks for God to send her home. But after a few weeks or so she’s still stuck in the city, and she’s given up talking to God because he hasn’t heard her. Then she finds out that God actually has heard her- every time she talks to him ! He just doesn’t do things when we want him to, because he knows what’s good for us. She also discovers that it doesn’t matter that she’s stopped talking to God for a while, because he’s always ready to receive her whenever she wants to talk to him again, and he won’t be angry with her for forgetting him. This is such an exciting discovery for Heidi, so she starts talking to God again and trusts that he will take her home to the mountain when it’s the right time. Which he does ! I love that afterwards she uses her experience to teach others on the mountain about God, which in time leads to them having a real and new relationship with God 🙂

Another thing I loved about Heidi was that even before she knew about God, she was being a picture of God to everyone she knew. She was so full of joy and love and compassion for everyone and everything that when she did eventually bring them the story of God it was easy for them to receive.

There was one part in the story that was difficult to read- when Heidi’s heart was breaking, it felt like mine was too ! I think it reminded me of times in my past when I’ve felt so alone and misunderstood, and I hate the thought of someone else having to go through that too. But it seemed worse because she was so young, and so much more alone than I ever was because her family was so far away.

Heidi means ‘noble’ and ‘kind’. In this story she definitely wasn’t born as nobility, but to her friends on the mountain she was a royal princess. Heidi was always trying to find ways to make life better for those she loved, often enlisting her grandfather to help her. After her return from the city she came bearing ‘extravagant gifts’ of soft bread rolls and sausages- a luxury to the recipients ! She also arranged to have her 4 poster bed with the big soft pillows brought up the mountain for her friend’s grandmother. She definitely lived up to her name.

I loved reading this story again, but I think I’ll have to wait a few years to forget the sadness before I give it another shot 🙂

Merry Christmas ! 🙂


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