Lady In Waiting

Book #2 is one I’ve been reading over the last month or so called Lady In Waiting. It mainly explores the story of Ruth and how her character developed after her first husband died. The book is aimed at single women who may be struggling with where their identity lies, or who struggle with being single. I don’t exactly fall into either of these categories, but I was still able to learn something from reading it and apply it to my own journey.

One thing that stood out immediately was the picture of the Church as the Bride of Christ. It talked about Jesus as our heavenly fiance. So beautiful ! I never considered before that ‘the Bride’ could be more personal than the general church, but actually it’s corporately and individually that we are the Bride of Christ. It was awesome that the book started out by reinforcing what our purpose is in life by using this illustration.

Along with the picture of Jesus as our heavenly fiance was the story of the woman who poured out expensive perfume to honour Jesus. It’s really easy to be critical of this woman like some of the disciples were- the perfume could have been sold and the money used to feed the poor. But Jesus didn’t see it as a waste. In those days, when a girl reached marrying age she was given an alabaster jar of perfume, which she was to use to wash the feet of her husband-to-be. It was like a dowry, I guess. The size of the jar was proportional to the girl’s family’s status and income etc. The girl in this story gave her dowry to Jesus. Jesus didn’t see it as a waste. It was an amazing act of love and honour, and he saw her heart for him. This makes the story even more beautiful 🙂

I like that the book also talks about not wasting your single or unmarried years by ‘waiting’. It seems a bit contradictory seeing as the title of the book is Lady In Waiting, but what it’s saying is don’t waste your time whilst you wait. In Ruth’s story, she doesn’t sit round at home ‘waiting’ to be found by a man, but she does what she can to look after her mother-in-law and show God’s love to her. This is what gets her noticed by her future husband, the fact that she wasn’t idle. The story of Rebekah is used as another analogy- she worked on building her character whilst she waited for her husband to find her, and her reward was a husband who loved her. These stories help illustrate that the internal beauty is worth far more than the external, and that when you’re waiting you choose which is more valuable to you.

It also talks about being secure. I like this one. Our security is to be in God, who never changes, never fails us. If we place our security in earthly things we’ll always end up disappointed, but if we’re found in God we’ll also be found full of joy. Ruth placed her security in God and her future husband commended her for it, saying she was known as a woman of excellence. The book goes on to say that when you’re secure in God you don’t need to manipulate people to get what you want, because God knows what’s best for you an has his own beautiful ways of revealing it to you. A good reminder to check what your motives are so you don’t send people mixed messages or toy with feelings. ‘Believe that God will take care of you regardless of your circumstances’ 🙂

There are so many gems in this book if you can dig them out. These are just a few I can remember. I think the most significant thing I got from reading this book is to work on developing my own character. Things like the Fruit of the Spirit should be evident in my life, and I think by daily working on showing more love and joy and all the rest is a good way to radically improve attitude and start building some better character. And to work on my love relationship with Jesus, because that’s the one that makes all other relationships even better.

If you’re female, read this book 🙂 Lady In Waiting by Jackie Kendall & Debby Jones.


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