Boy Meets Girl

Book #4 that I’ve read this summer is Boy Meets Girl, by Joshua Harris (author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which I haven’t actually read yet). This book has been drifting round my flat, and I’m actually the last one of all of us to read it.

This book builds on (I assume) the author’s previous book, which encourages a God-honouring courtship rather than dating when considering a romantic relationship. Boy Meets Girl outlines what a courtship is and what purpose it serves, and then how to make that relationship a success. The purpose of the courtship is to determine if the couple should get married, but on the journey allow them to grow in God and friendship. The ‘success’ is not if the relationship results in marriage, but if it fulfills it’s purpose. And sometimes this means no engagement at the end.

A running theme in this book was the purpose of a relationship (not necessarily romantic), which is to glorify God. This challenged me in my attitude towards my own relationships, especially since I wasn’t taught this when I was growing up. To me, relationships were to make you feel good, have an identity, or so you had contacts if something came up in the future. To serve yourself rather than others. So now I’m working on changing my attitude for good, and all my relationships have a new purpose.

Aside from this the chapter I loved the most in this book was titled When Your Past Comes Knocking. It deals with past relationships and how to forgive yourself and others. It showed how amazing the grace of God really is. Too amazing for words. We’ve all messed up and sinned in some way. It can be difficult to confess that, but once we do confess it and ask for forgiveness, God CHOOSES to forget that sin and his wrath is replaced with grace and love. No matter what’s happened in the past, at the end of the day we’re all sinners in need of this grace and love. Thankyou Jesus 🙂

Another book definitely worth a read. Read it before you get married !


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