The Paintings Of 2012

2012 was a rather creative journey for me in lots of ways, but the one I want to share in this post is the paintings ! I’m just learning how to paint and I’m experimenting a lot. There’s a few paintings I did that are quite significant in my learning (or experimenting).. and I’m quite stoked with the results 🙂

1. God’s House

This one was the first big canvas I’d had a go at in a while (my first ever big canvas was an experiment of a few things and is hanging in my parents’ lounge !) I’d bought the canvas in January with the intention of doing something for the new church office. I wanted it to be simple but something new to try out. I didn’t have any inspiration until April when the senior pastor was visiting from Auckland. I made a few scribbles in my notebook and over the next week this painting developed ! It now hangs in the upstairs office.

2. Levi & Zoe


I decided that to help develop my technique and try out different styles of painting, I’d have a go at doing a painting for all the babies born in my church since I’d been there. Levi and Zoe were the first I tried out. Neither of these are particularly wonderful now that I look back, but they’re part of the journey and I’m quite proud of them anyway.

3. Awaken The Dawn

This is another painting I did for the church office. I found the scripture one day and wanted to represent it in an abstract way. It took a few goes to get the colours to work like I wanted and then I almost didn’t have enough spray paint to finish it ! The lace overlay technique I’d used a few times before and I quite like the effect.. It works perfectly here for what I wanted.

4. Emma

My friend from Uni, Emma, had her 21st birthday in August and I was invited to celebrate with her. I wanted to make something special for her and the only direction she gave me was ‘girly’. So I thought I’d try out something I’d been keen to tackle for a while.. name blocks ! I love the tiny 4×4 canvases, and I found some wee wooden letters to spell out her name, picked a colour scheme and voila ! This was one of my favourite projects this year.

5. Lucy

My friend Lucy had her birthday in October. She’s real artsy and I wanted to make her a wee canvas in a style I’d never tried out before. Lucy means ‘light’, and she’d had a few prophesies over the year around that, so I thought I’d have a go at a lighthouse. The colours were inspired by the Andy Warhol piece she had on her wall. I’m real stoked with how it turned out (even though I forgot about the shadow the lighthouse would cast !).

6. Wiane

I can’t take credit for this project as it was a group effort ! Our flatmate had her birthday in December, and we hadn’t known her very long but wanted to do something special for her. We decided to make her a set of canvases to spell out her name, and since there were 5 of us we’d do one each. It was awesome how it all came together in the end, and this was a good teamwork project.

7. The Creation Story

This set of paintings is still a work in progress. The last 3 are quite challenging so I hope they turn out ok. I’m quite stoked with these ones- they’re currently hanging up in the Playroom at the church office ! I’d wanted to paint the creation story for a while but didn’t know how to approach it initially. In the end it just started flowing. I’m quite happy with them. My current favourite is day 2.

I hope 2013 grows my creative repertoire and I hope I’ll have the courage to attempt more new projects. I already have a few in mind. 2013 is the year for the planted seeds to take root and flourish !


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