Hinds’ Feet On High Places

Book #6. Hannah Hurnard’s Hinds’ Feet On High Places. This one was recommended to me at my baptism last year but it took me a few months to track it down ! In the end I ordered my own copy. So glad I did.

Wow. Only a few pages in and I was captivated by the story. It was telling my story ! The story of Much-Afraid, who longs to journey to the High Places with the Shepherd and be given a new name. One day she talks with the Shepherd about this and he offers to take her. Along the way she learns two important lessons: Acceptance-with-Joy and Bearing-in-Love (joy and forgiveness). Both of these are flowers that are to adorn her heart, but they can’t reside there if there’s weeds blocking the way.

At regular intervals in her journey, Much-Afraid has to build an altar and sacrifice something on it, usually her own plans or her heart’s desire. As she places these on the altar they are consumed with fire. Out of the ashes there is a stone to be picked up and kept safely until the end of her journey. These stones each have significance and remind Much-Afraid of things she learnt on her journey. At the end of her journey, when she receives a new name she is given a crown, and these stones become beautiful jewels for the crown.

I don’t want to write too much more about this book, because it’s the sort of book you want to read knowing as little as possible about it. It uses lots of metaphors and imagery to help tell the story, and it’s quite old-fashioned language, but it all ties together really well- the imagery suits the language but it’s not difficult to read. Reading this has also inspired some projects.. so watch this space !

Such a good book. Read it 🙂


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