The Mountain-Climbing Badge #LifeScouts

I’ve discovered this new thing called LifeScouts. It’s only about a month old ! Based on the idea of boy scouts, but for anyone, and it’s about sharing life experiences. There’s even physical badges you can collect too. Anyway, I thought I’d do some đŸ™‚

The first story I’m gonna share is Mountain Climbing ! I live in beautiful New Zealand with mountains everywhere. My parents used to go mountaineering when they were heaps younger, and they’d take us kids tramping heaps too. I’ve climbed a few mountains ! No mountains are currently on the horizon for me to climb.. but I’m sure I’ll be back up one someday ! Here’s some photos from trips a few years back:

(Reblog if you have this badge. Buy the badge physically here)

View from the top of the Hump Ridge. Looking east to the beach on the south coast. Climbed with Milly and Jordan, November 2009.

Veiw from up in the Kepler Mountains. Looking up the South Arm of Lake Te Anau. Climbed with Milly and Ally, April 2009. (Also climbed in January 2003 with Dad, Aaron, and Rob.)

Climbing Single Cone, Remarkables, Queenstown. Climbed with Aran and Phil, January 2009.

Climbing in the Remarks, day trip to Lake Alta. Climbed with Charles and Priscilla, December 2010.



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