The Tears Of Harry Wakatipu

The Tears of Harry Wakatipu, by Kiwi author Jack Lasenby. This is actually book #8 for the summer- book #7 is still on the go. I found this one on the bookshelf in my flat this afternoon, so I figured I’d try it, and it seemed doable in an afternoon. I love fiction too- it’s always a good break from reality 🙂

This is a story of a story teller telling tall stories about a tall story teller’s tall stories. Or thereabouts. I’m not exactly sure what to make of the whole story actually- the back drop is the ‘deer culling days’ in the Te Urewera National Park and what makes a man ‘a real joker’.. 560300 tins of Highlander condensed milk and Anne of Green Gables ? Poor Harry Wakatipu doesn’t cut it as a real joker.

The tall stories started on the first page and it was obvious they were tall stories, but Lasenby writes in a way that it feels real. Tall stories are real. It’s a strange feeling to read it and believe it’s real but know it’s not.

Intrigued ? The Tears of Harry Wakatipu, by Jack Lasenby.


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