The Fencing Badge #LifeScouts


I have earned a Fencing Badge ! In high school, every Wednesday before lunch we had Activities Period. There were heaps of different things to do, from sports like rugby and badminton, to arts and music and technologies. There was a different list of activities each term, and the idea was you’d put down your top 3 options and be assigned one if there was space. The whole school did it, so it was usually a good way to meet people outside of your usual classes and year groups. One term fencing was offered, so my group of friends and me decided we’d give it a go together. It was pretty cool- we got to wear the mesh face masks and the gloves, and the swords we used were called foils. I don’t think there was enough gear for everyone to be kitted out at the same time so we all shared it. We’d learn the stances and the moves without the gear first, then have a go with an opponent all kitted out. It was a cool activities class because it was something we never thought we’d have done otherwise, and it was fun for the term ! I don’t think any of us were very good at it though ! I wish I had some photos of it.. maybe I’ll have to give it another go sometime 🙂

(Reblog if you have this badge. Buy the physical badge here.)


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