Today :)

21-March-2013 Today I learned that I was a prisoner and today I learned how to unlock the prison door. I talked with Kerryn about the Holy Spirit, joy, and forgiveness. If you are filled with the Spirit you operate out of joy, because joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Joy and happiness are different. […]


I have never been a fan of watching hundreds of pointless videos on YouTube. I actually hardly watched anything on YouTube, maybe because I’d only ever had dial-up internet, or no internet. Then in 2010, my flatmate introduced me to Alex Reads Twilight, and I loved it ! I watched the series every now and […]


Butterflies is a short story by New Zealand author Patricia Grace. It is quite an ambiguous text, where not a lot is said but subconsciously the reader automatically applies their own assumptions to it. It presents two different world views about a simple creation- the butterfly. Or so it would seem. I think this text […]