The Pet-Owning Badge #LifeScouts


Being a farm kid, I think claiming this badge is a must ! I’ve had too many pets over the years ! My birthday is in springtime and often my Daddy would show up with a baby lamb for me and a bunch of daffies. One year I got a black lamb which I was super stoked about because they’re so rare ! I named him Smokey. But because he was a boy lamb he had to go off to the works one day. I also had a lamb called Jill, and when she grew up she had twin lambs which I named Jam and Honey, and the next year she had another lamb which I think I called Marmite. We also had cats.. My one was heaps naughty though so it got put down. We got another one after that and he was the colour of Marmite, so he got named Marmite as well. One year my brother and sister and me raised 6 calves between us, and when they got sold we used the money to go towards a trip to Australia. I had a kitten called Kronk when I left home, but I think I shifted around too much for his liking and after one particular move he ran away 😦 No pets at the moment though ! Here’s a photo I found of Kronk and me when I just got a laptop with a webcam:

(Reblog if you have this badge. Buy the physical badge here.)



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