I have never been a fan of watching hundreds of pointless videos on YouTube. I actually hardly watched anything on YouTube, maybe because I’d only ever had dial-up internet, or no internet. Then in 2010, my flatmate introduced me to Alex Reads Twilight, and I loved it ! I watched the series every now and then, but because I wasn’t a regular visitor to YouTube it would often be months between watching videos. Later in 2011 and 2012 I watched more videos by Alex and got quite into it.. I liked his random creativity and his passion for life I guess, even though I don’t really agree with all of his views.

Now, Alex is actually my favourite person on YouTube. I like that his friends and family are obviously supportive of his work and get involved in things like his music videos. It was actually through Alex that I found my other favourite YouTuber, Carrie, who is also very creative and passionate about life ! I watch the videos these guys make almost every week- they’re often creatively inspiring 😀

Here’s some of my favourites:


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