Today :)


Today I learned that I was a prisoner and today I learned how to unlock the prison door.

I talked with Kerryn about the Holy Spirit, joy, and forgiveness. If you are filled with the Spirit you operate out of joy, because joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Joy and happiness are different. Joy is not based on circumstance. Joy and forgiveness are linked- unforgiveness quenches joy because it harbours bitterness.

Today I also learned that the my view of the Holy Spirit is associated with my view of my mother. The comforter and teacher. My view of Jesus is associated with how I view my siblings. Having unforgiveness in my heart towards my mother or siblings warps my view of the Holy Spirit or Jesus.

Matthew 18:23-35 tell the parable of the unmerciful servant. God is the King who forgave the huge debt. But if we don’t forgive the debts of others God puts us in prison. GOD puts us in prison. But he also gives us the key to open the door- it’s up to us to unlock it.

To open the door and walk out of prison you need to pray. Tell God you forgive those that have hurt you with their harsh words, lack of support or understanding, missed laughs and hugs and experiences. Then thank God for them and bless them. And ask God to show you your prison door- is it open or closed ? If it is closed, ask God who else you need to forgive, and do it. Forgive them and thank God for them and bless them. Ask God to show you your prison door again. If it is still closed, keep asking God to show you who you need to forgive until your door is open. When it is open, thank God that it is open and ask him to help you walk through it. You’ll know when it is open because you’ll be filled with joy ! Joy comes when you are free !

Walking through the prison door is a process, but the key is to keep forgiving and being thankful and blessing those you forgave. Having joy in any circumstance is powerful.

Today I forgave my mum and my sister. Today the door of my prison was opened so I could walk out in freedom.

Today I got joy in my heart.

Today I am free šŸ™‚


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