The Abolition Of Man

My flatmate and I were talking about education and politics (among other things) and he mentioned a book I should read: The Abolition of Man, by C. S. Lewis. “Is it easy to read ?” I asked. It’s not really an easy read for this Hannah ! But I did find some cool quotes: ‘a […]

Today :)

21-March-2013 Today I learned that I was a prisoner and today I learned how to unlock the prison door. I talked with Kerryn about the Holy Spirit, joy, and forgiveness. If you are filled with the Spirit you operate out of joy, because joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Joy and happiness are different. […]

Boy Meets Girl

Book #4 that I’ve read this summer is Boy Meets Girl, by Joshua Harris (author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which I haven’t actually read yet). This book has been drifting round my flat, and I’m actually the last one of all of us to read it. This book builds on (I assume) the author’s previous book, […]