Sara Crewe

Book #5 in this summer reading project is Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Sara Crewe, which I grew up knowing as A Little Princess. I thought reading this would be a good break from the more intense books I’ve been reading recently. Sara grew up in India but has been sent to a boarding house in England. Her father […]

Boy Meets Girl

Book #4 that I’ve read this summer is Boy Meets Girl, by Joshua Harris (author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which I haven’t actually read yet). This book has been drifting round my flat, and I’m actually the last one of all of us to read it. This book builds on (I assume) the author’s previous book, […]

The 5 Love Languages

Book #3 for the summer is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This one was given to me for Christmas. I’d always wanted to read it because I’ve heard a lot about it and I’m quite interested in these relationship things 🙂 Gary Chapman is a marriage counsellor and psychologist. Over the years as […]

Lady In Waiting

Book #2 is one I’ve been reading over the last month or so called Lady In Waiting. It mainly explores the story of Ruth and how her character developed after her first husband died. The book is aimed at single women who may be struggling with where their identity lies, or who struggle with being single. […]